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Marula Oil

Widely used in the cosmetic industry, Marula Oil contains many nutrients. Obtained from marula plants, Marula Oil is super refined using latest technology in compliance with all quality standards. We have carved a niche in manufacturing, exporting and supplying high quality Marula Oil in various packaging options. Reasonably priced, Marula Oil will be delivered to you on time.

Highlights :

  • The nuts from these plants are crushed to extract the oil.
  • This oil has extremely good nutrient value. It is thus widely used for cosmetics and cooking.
  • It has a clear complexion with light yellow tinge in it.
  • Its viscosity is not too high and it is miscible in water.
  • It is lighter than water with a specific gravity of 0.91-0.92.
  • Its saponification value is 188-199.
  • The oil is obtained mostly in Africa. The traditional tribes of Mozambique have been using it since ages.
  • Its nutrient value and toxicity have been checked in the modern day using technology, and its nutrient components are ascertained thereafter.
  • It is widely used by the cosmetic industry of the world.
  • In some parts, it is also used for cooking.
  • It is thus obtained as refined and super refined varieties for cooking.
  • Its price is not too high, making it possible for use of the common man.


Uses :

  • It is used widely for cosmetics.
  • It is good for skin glow and hence is widely used for skin lotions and body oils for the women and children.
  • It is also used for cooking.
  • It has the property to preserve meat and leather.

Constituents : Its main constituents are oleic acid, linoleic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid and arachidonic acid. It also contains tocopherols, sterols, flavonoids and alpha-linoleic acid.

Blends With : It blends with many other oil varieties that are used for skin products like laurel leaf oil, mugwort oil, neem oil and manuka oil.

Technical Specification

Product Code SVA - 190
Botanical Name Sclerocarya Birrea
Methods of Extraction Cold Pressed
F.E.M.A. # No
Color & Odor Golden & Slightly nutty Odor


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