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Mace Oil

Our company is a trusted Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Mace Oil from Delhi. The Mace Oil we make available is a stimulant and can be used as an energy-rich tonic for children and kids. Owing to our brilliant logistics network, we are capable of delivering bulk orders of the Oil within the allocated time.


  • Made out of nut extracts, Mace oil is one that not only tastes great but also has quite a number of good properties in it
  • It is obtained from the plant grown widely in the West Indies, Indonesia and Sri Lanka
  • The oil is a liquid with medium amount of thickness
  • It has a light brown tinge to it when in non-purified form
  • In purified form, it can be crystal clear but to avoid the bad effects of intermediate processing, many use the oil in its own natural form
  • The oil is typical to one derived from nuts, having certain vitamins, minerals and good fatty acids that can be beneficial for the skin as well as for brain growth among the young ones


  • It is also an anti-oxidant. It helps removing the toxic free radicals of the body to reduce ageing and make one look younger
  • It is a stimulant and can be used as an energy-rich tonic for children and kids
  • It also has anti-spasmodic properties, thereby being useful for relief in pain, etc
  • It is often used as an aphrodisiac too
  • Mace oil is widely used as an analgesic


Constituents Mace oil is rich in various mineral and vitamin sources, being derived from nuts. It also has some amount of good fatty acids that help enhance skin glow and intelligence. It contains myristicin, elemicin and isoelemicin, besides others.

Blends with Mace oil can be blended with bay leaf, citrus oils, clary sage and geranium oils. Its blends with lavender oil, oakmoss and neroli oils are also very common.

Technical Specification

Product Code SVA - 153
Botanical Name Myristica fragrans
Methods of Extraction Steam Distillation
CAS# 8007-12-3
F.E.M.A. #  
Color & Odor Pale yellow to brownish yellow liquid with Characteristic aroma
Country of Origin Spain


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